Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Reward

This morning Will took the kids to his parents' house, and they ended up staying there for most of the day. I organized, vacuumed, mopped, and did laundry. When they weren't home by 2pm, I decided I could stop and do something fun. A few weeks ago, I bought some fabric I adore - Erin Michael's Lush - to make pillows for two chairs in our newly finished den. I'm hosting my book group on Monday, and my plan for this weekend is to try and whip up some pillows. My book group witnessed our den renovations that took two years, and while the room isn't quite finished I'd love to have as many finishing touches done. Pillows are easy, though I had never sewn any before today. I used a pillow with a pocket back sewn by my mom as my prototype, and made sure I reinforced all the corners. I sewed the last stitches as I heard the door open and voices call out "We're home!" If I'm lucky, I'll get that second one sewn tomorrow.


house on hill road said...

i love the feeling of finishing something that just makes me intensely happy. your pillow looks great!