Monday, January 5, 2009

Gift Tags

Ten years ago when I started giving hand knit gifts, I bought a big box of manila tags from a big box office supply store. I would tie a tag to every knit item, with "Hand Knit by Jennie" written on one side and yarn make up and washing instructions on the other. Now that I don't knit much anymore due to lovely pregnancy and baby hauling induced tendonitis, I wanted to do something with all the blank tags I had left. I decided to glue on some of my favorite fabric scraps and edge them with a brightly colored zig zag stitch. This turned out to be a great way to use up those small scraps you can't bear to get rid of and to finish off a spool or bobbin of thread. These tags could still be used for knit items, but they are also great as gift tags or tags for sewn items. Quite a few ended up on this year's Christmas gifts. A simple, easy way to transform something plain into something fun. Just remember that sewing on paper dulls your sewing needle quickly. Plan on making a bunch of these tags at one time, or else set the needle aside and label it "for paper" so you can reuse the same one when you are ready to make more tags.