Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nashvegas Snow Day

I woke up to freezing rain and an email from Ely's school saying it was closed for a snow day. A snow day for rain doesn't impress me, but strangely enough within 10 minutes huge sticky flakes were pouring from the sky and actually starting to pile up on the wet grass. We seem to be having more and more preemptive snow days here ever since a couple of years ago the weather got really bad around 10 am and quite a few students were stranded at school late into the night because the buses couldn't go out and their parents couldn't make it to school. The heavy snowfall was a good sign for a real snow day, and it was nice to have a morning where I didn't have to rush everyone out the door, even if the first task of the day was to drag two kids to work with me for the am catalog review. By the the catalog review was done and the Polar Express was watched, the snow was gone and the rain had stopped. Unless it gets colder and the rain starts again, I think the winter weather is over for today.

It's not a real snow day without baking cookies or making hot chocolate in a warm kitchen. I've made several batches of homemade hot chocolate lately (basically heat up some milk or cream with a chopped up dark chocolate bar, add a pinch of salt and enough honey or sugar to make it slightly sweet, then let it cook until it thickens), so I think cookies are the better option. One of my favorite chefs, Martha Phelps Stamps, who owns and cooks at Martha's at the Plantation included a recipe for snickerdoodles in her food column in today's local newspaper. Snickerdoodles aren't my favorite cookie in the world, but I do like them a lot and they are easy to make. Will loves them and Ely loves anything that is even remotely sweet, so the boys will be happy. And since it is a recipe of Martha's, I know the cookies will be delicious. As soon as my two sticks of butter are soft and the kids are awake, we'll get started rolling our little balls of dough in cinnamon sugar.

And maybe, just maybe we'll get a chance later on to roll little balls of snow.