Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Accomplish

I usually write my list of what I'd like to accomplish in the new year sometime in the first week of the year. Last year I had pages and pages of stuff I wanted to finish in the before the baby arrived; most of it didn't happen since Agnes was a little more than 3 weeks early but a lot of it did happen by the end of 2008 including create a blog. This year I am keeping the lists simple. Maybe some of last year's list will get done too.

-paint hallway, dining room, and bedroom in that order
-get non-working doors fixed and install doors for guest bedroom closet
-get chimney evaluated
-get crawlspace evaluated
-re-screen back door

-plant an oak tree for Agnes
-plant fruit and nut trees
-plant some some berry canes
-create a small square foot garden
-make and set up rain barrels
-prune prune prune before it gets warm

-do one photo a day (a 365) with the digital camera
-process one roll of film a week until they are done
-shoot at least one roll of film a month
-read my camera and flash manuals
-take a digital photo and/or photoshop class at the community college

-finish all 2008 (and beyond) unfinished projects, especially quilts
-sew some garments for myself
-sew some garments for Agnes
-use my gocco
-sew Christmas stockings for the whole family
-open an etsy store

-make a banner
-spiff it up

-get my eyes checked as I probably need new glasses
-go to bed earlier
-be kinder
-be more generous
-waste less and reuse more

I think that is all doable. Now I'm off to process the very first of 365 daily photos.