Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Agnes

Agnes, today you are 1. It's hard to imagine it was a year ago this very minute that I called the midwife and told her to come quickly because I was - for sure - having a baby today. What we all thought was a stomach bug at 37 weeks, was in fact early labor. In a little more than an hour, you were born with the midwife arriving 3 minutes later to find you and me cuddling in the bathtub. Your Daddy and I were amazed when we looked at you and saw you were a girl. I thought it was my fate to be the sole girl in a house full of boys, but I was thrilled to be able to use the name Agnes Adeliza in memory of your Daddy's dear Great Aunt Lois Adeliza Lyne. Daddy, big brother Ely and Blue dog love you just as much as I do. I remember the day after you were born, Ely did not want to go to mother's day out because he wanted to stay home with us and watch you drink your mommy milk and have your diapers changed. You are the recipient of many kisses and now give us back kisses (bites) on our cheeks.

Agnes, it is such a joy that I will always be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with your birthday, reminding me of how much I love our sweet family and how you were the perfect unexpected addition to it. And Daddy sure lucked out, because he now thinks he's off the hook for Valentine's Day for good.