Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busy and Growing

I keep meaning to make it over here, but life is in the way. The kids and I have been having fun together, and my only real Summer challenge is keeping Ely quiet enough so Agnes can nap as long as she wants. Between learning to walk, cutting 4 new teeth, and growing, Agnes wants (and I believe needs!) to sleep for three hours every afternoon. It's been too hot to go outside much after mid-morning, so once Ely's rest time is over, he and I play lots of board games on my bed until Agnes wakes up. I think my favorite game right now is Go Fish. Candy Land is kind of dumb, the matching game gets a little boring, and Ely doesn't quite get the bingo game yet.

Besides the baby growing, our garden has taken off. The last photo I took of the garden was only 10 days before this one and everything has tripled in size:
We have loads of green Hawaiian Currant tomatoes on the vine, and our Black Zebras, Mule Team, and Brandywines are starting to fruit from the flowers. We also have some unknowns - volunteers from our compost - and are hoping to be able to identify them at some point. Currently the biggest of the unknown tomatoes look like long, skinny teardrops. A pear? A Roma? The squash/pumpkin patch grows in feet everyday, and so many of the vines have green or yellowish fruit. They were also volunteers from the compost we have no idea what they are exactly. So far, we think the largest ones are either pumpkins or acorn squash. And the okra are starting! I haven't seen any flowers blooming yet, but I've found a few on the ground and seen the new okra forming, which look just like penises on a fat baby boy.
July is usually beastly hot around here, but I'm hoping once the homegrown tomatoes ripen, they will be so good that I'll forget all about the heat and humidity.